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 Kiss in the Moonlight

On a full moon night, I walk you to your door;
We stand on your porch for a moment, I smile.
Looking into your soft features as never before;
The moonlight dancing in your eyes does beguile.

My hand reaches out and touches your hand;
You look at me in this soft blue light of the moon.
Our eyes lock into this moment that is so grand;
The powerful emotions almost makes me swoon.

We begin to draw closer, I'm looking into your face;
Your wet lips beckon me with a sensual sirens call.
Our lips move toward one another as we embrace;
Our kiss in the moonlight begins, at first very small.

Sweetly meeting, gently caressing with our lips;
This kiss slowly washes away all my worldly care.
I pull you ever closer with my hands on your hips;
This kiss in the moonlight begins our torrid affair.


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