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Unemployment on the national level hovers around ten percent;
There are many who have lost the vision of the American dream.
They have sought work, only be told that there is a hiring freeze;
Waiting for the economy to turn, it turns with further outsourcing.

China reaps the benefits of our stockholders shortsightedness;
Blinded as they try to recover the losses from last September.
Cut and slash, trim the fat, contracting out the infrastructure;
Slip three hundred jobs overseas while the media isn't looking.

Our economy is climbing back out of the hole created by greed;
Slowly reaching the Dow numbers that are fairly stable again.
Normalcy in finances seems to be returning to our nation;
But I look around at the unemployment lines, our jobs outsourced.

Unions are dying, labor is crying, CEO's are ecstatic as profits soar;
What do we as Americans make any longer, what do we create?
We are becoming a service oriented economy, without a product;
Factories and manufacturing firms run into the open arms of China.

I am a voice crying out for the old ways, yet carbon footprints doom;
Government protects our water and our lungs, at least in our backyard.
The outsourced factories flourish billowing out uncontrolled filth;
Pollution grips our throats, greenhouse gases attack… outsourced.


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