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golden butterfly Pictures, Images and Photos



Golden butterfly Pictures, Images and Photos


Fluttering in a garden just as happy as can be
Kissing freshly dew flowers like a busy little bee
A golden butterfly sparkles in bright sunlight
Spreading much morning joy to everyone's delight


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Newly spun wings glowing in golden sunlight
Free at last to flutter and glide untill night
Waiting to return with morning's early sunrise
Putting on a show with a delightful surprise.



Once a cocoon that hung upside down on a vine
Totally trapped in tightly silken webbings so fine
Emerged from a caterpillar crawling on a stem
Eventually transforms into a magnificent gem.


Darkness of night begins to slowly diminish
With dawn arriving it finally starts to finish
Radiant light flows as twinkling stars disappear
It's butterfly's happy day as the sun reappears.


Author's Note:
The sun gives life to even the smallest creatures of the earth
can you imagine how wonderful it would be to be even the smallest
part of the sun on a daily basis. .
The sun is the light of the world'
without it we would be doomed' God Our Ceator
shall eternally shine within our souls as our light of life,

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*~It's A Small World~*

 Copyright 2007
{Edited for graphics and audio}
*~Mary Jane  Balthazar~*

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