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~Letter Poem To A Friend~
(Free Style)

I am offering you my true friendship with all my heart and my soul too
I know that I don't know much about you and that you don't know much about me,
But I am reaching out and offering you my hand with my whole heart open just to you,
Tis because I believe that it would be very nice for us to be true friends starting today.

And I am thinking how much fun we could really have if you and I do,
It would be so nice if you were to accept this friendship from me so true.
I just know that if we both give it a try we can both have a very good chance
Of succeeding and becoming the best friends in this world that we can just be too.

You see I am more than willing to be a very good friend to you if you really want too,
Well just let me rephrase what I said in the last line before writing this one here that you see,
‘cause I want to be not just a very "good" friend to you but the best I can really be,
 With me there are no strings attached but just a loving and caring friendship btw you and

Well I am hoping that we can be true and loyal friends forever and ever,but...
The truth is that I don't know much about you but that's what I want to be to you.
As your friend I want to be always there for you in all the good and the bad times
And be there for you also when you need me and give you my emotional support too.

I want to be there for you when you need a friend to listen to you or a shoulder just to cry,
And for you I want to be there when you need someone to share certain things with too.
Because that's what good friends are anyway for and that's what I truly always believe
So here I am at the end of my letter-poem and I am really hoping and praying we can be
great friends forever too.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

August 8,2009

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