Beautiful Disaster

Overthinking and Justifications

Justifies nothing
But yet here she is
Revisiting the possibilities
If she follows her head
She'll never get hurt
But if she follows her heart
She'll find contentment
And all that she believe
Just trying to process
All that she receives
Not sure
If she knows
What she once
Thought she knew
The things that used to be so solid
Are crumbling
Beneath her feet
And the foundation
she thought to be so firm
Is shaking underneath her
Will she stay strong
Or will she fall down?
Can she get steady footing
Or will she crash to the ground?
And if she does fall will she get up again?
Is it really worth it, at all?
The passion inside her
Burns brightly
Ignited by love
And yet she holds back
Her fear overpowers her will
Her courage is beaten and battered
Meaningless justifications
Serve as fear's escape

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