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Did Rabbie say it at an' efter denner speech?

A POEM FOR Burns Night

"Whispers Of Worship"

Hawk-teuchin   -   spitting up phlegm
Nimmer            -   dinner
Gundie-guts     -   fat slobs
Mickle-moud   -   great big mouth
Sachleasly        -   Innocently
Muckle herts    -   big hearts

Rabbie wis hawk-teuchin frae the back o' his sare throat,
Afore he gave his efter nimmer speech.
He said tae the landed gentry, "ye're a set o' gundie-guts,
But far be it frae me tae staund up here an' preach.

Ye ken ah've stacks o' gumption fur ye widna asked me by
Tae render words o' prose frae ma mickle-moud:
Sae sachleasly ah'll spout ma rhyming ware fur ye,
It'll mak yer muckle herts feel staunch an' proud."

Copyright Robert Cartwright-Davidson August 2009

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Did Rabbie say it at an' efter denner speech?



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