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Outta Jail? ...... NOT!!!!!

Outta Jail? ...... NOT!!!!!

Shhhhhhh .....

Can you hear it .....?

Listen close

It sounds to me like a Buzzard whaling
with the setting of the sun

What's that you say?
Let me outta here?

Ray ... You are in a heap of trouble Son!!

There is a rumblin from the North
As our sexy Buzzard sits in jail
Placed behind cold bars of iron
By the 'Mouth Of The South'
And he is raising Holy H*LL

He has sent out a rather pitiful S.O.S.
A asking all his friends
To drop a line or two in his defense
To bring his jail term to an end

Our Buzzard
Snivels and moans

"Oh please ... I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!"

He claims The Mouth has showed him no mercy
As their battle for the Golden Pen rages on
After all he is just a helpless lonely Buzzard
With only singed tail feathers to sit upon

He conveniently forgets to come clean
Of why he finds himself in this cell
Leaving The Mouth waiting for his comebacks
With excuses that are really mighty pale

So here he finds himself behind bars tonight
Protesting quite loudly

"This just ain't right!"

Then ... He says in writing to me
Speaking quite arrogantly
That no faults in my Dearest Friend
I will let myself see

Well sweetie pie
I might have found a way to try
But four words to our sweet Mouth

"Throw away the key!!!!"

Just a little reminder
This pretty lady with whom you choose to duel?

Lightening flies from her fingertips
Not only with words but great graphics too!

So my fiesty Buzzard although I love ya
The judge will soon be stepping in
And like I told you in the beginning


Aspiring Angel
August 13, 2009

In case you have not followed this challenge
You are missing out on great fun my friends
These two will fight to the finish
For the coveted Golden Pen!

"Uncle" is not a word either of them will find
Each chapter only getting better
And the pleasure to read them has been all mine.

Two very talented poets
Both I am proud to call my friends
And I want to thank each of them
For letting me tonight drop in.

Please don't throw me in jail you two
I only borrowed a few of your graphics!

I wanted to surprise each of you and bring
my rusty pen out of hiding. What is a
poor Aspiring Angel to do when it's the Mouth that
helps her with almost everything is one of the
ones she wants to surprise.  Sorry guys.

Which of these two talented poets
will hold the Prized Gold Pen?
Please follow their adventures
You will be glad you did!

Graphics by Ray Hamilton
Donna Delong Matthews

Applause my two dear friends!

**** I Donna (Mouth) feel the need to mention
that in the beginning of the Quest For The Gold Pen
Lesa (AspiringAngel) was an intricate part of the
80+ chapters in this series of challenging writes
of which one day I do pray I can restore with the
graphics that were lost due to our graphic site
shutting down.

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