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 Bending Time (wings2fly 8 18 2009)

"We take the factor of time
Bend it at our command
Then jettison to destiny
According to our plan"

As this earth spins, so does it carry the object of your affection.  

I reach out for you, holding in my hand a dream shared by two.  

This dream holds words proclaimed and thoughts conveyed creating
a perfectly well planned distortion of the fabric of space and time.  

It is in this moment I hold a love and light that helps guide our
way as the universe follows.  So shall our spirits combine, and react
to the outcome of love.  

Only a touch of fingertip, as minute as it seems, penetrates the space
of our loving world.  It is in this foretold moment two become as one,
orchestrating the speed of time for which we are pleased.

Be there no consequence of our purposed plan, conceived together we
will bend time with our love.  For our hearts shall be drawn inexorably
toward the center of who we are and what we're about.  Like the sun,
all aspects of true devotion shall fly around us effortlessly,
in perfect synchronization.  

Let the world be warned that purity and honesty will never allow
true love to falter. We give off such energy, as we reach out to touch hands,
we are the harmony in our world.

May we invoke our own brand of magic for we've discovered how two become
as one in love and life….  Even if our surrounding world turns to ice,
freezing time and space, our heart's shall warm and conquer in comparison.  
Instinctively we'll slow time's hold on us, to catch up all that we've missed
while apart, and make love into every tomorrow when at last, we allow
time to move once again.

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