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 Later Gator

Gone for days wandering in the wastelands
Mosquito infested marshlands call my name
The rugged beauty of this place beckon me
Hot and sticky, hauntingly echoing it's call

Lured by my exploring nature into the swamp
Snakes slither by me in these knee deep waters
Deeper in the brackish water, up to my waist now
Just the head of a gator watching me with interest

The noon sun swelters in this humid environment
Pushing forward once again to find a bit of dry land
My pack feels like it weights a hundred pounds
My boots sink into the muddy silt covering the bottom

Walking slowly, these amphibians watch my movements
I show them respect, for they smell fear as well as blood
Water moccasins, rattlesnakes, cottonmouths all
Only the alligator watches, watches with stillness

My senses alert, show no fear; only caution and wisdom
Emerging from the swamps a new man, full of life
I turn to look back at the noble gators, still watching
What an experience sharing with nature… later gator


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