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Guidelines for Christian Living

Tell believers how to live,
As well as how to forgive;
In the same way Christ has taught,
In living life as you ought.

Tell older men not to drink,
For if drunk they cannot think;
Then their judgment is no good,
Unable to do as they should.

Be firm in faith and endure,
Show the love and act mature;
Not trying to be a fraud,
Rather always follow God.

Tell women to live their lives,
For their husbands as good wives;
Harmonious one accord,
Being peaceful with the Lord.

Women should live each day through,
As examples of virtue;
Tell them never to gossip,
Or a foul word from the lip.

Train ungodly desires,
To stop lighting the fires;
And indulge in the pleasures,
That God in Heaven treasures.

Richard Newton Sherrer

Copyright ©2009  Richard Newton Sherrer

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Guidelines for Christian Living