Adikaran's Poetry

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You brought me flowers
Whenever I asked for it
Now you know I like flowers
It becomes a habit for you
To bring flowers for me
And my life filled with joy

You brought me flowers
For my birthdays, & anniversaries
You brought flowers for me
I smelled and hold it to my heart
And told thanks to you

You brought me flowers
Whenever I am sad and you
Wanted to cheer me up
Whenever any occasions
You brought me red roses
Because I like red roses

I miss all these flowers
Because you are not there
To bring any flowers for me
But I know you are around me
Looking at me from above
Showering me with flowers
And telling me to cheer up

When I hear your voice
I forget everything and I
Look at you and smile at you
I know your presence and
I feel your presence and
I know you are around me
And you will be always
There for me in my mind.