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One cannot expect to enjoy the fragrance of a rose
Nor feel the softness of its pedals
Without the possibility of feeling
The prick of its thorns.
For any fault that we find in our spouse is out weighed
By the good qualities that drew us to them in the first place.
We, like mirrors are reflections of each other.
Our wives find flaws in us as we find flaws in them.
Only Allah (subhanahu wa T'ala) is perfect.
We humans are full of imperfections.
We err, make tawba and ask Allah's forgiveness.
How can we expect forgiveness from Allah (SWT)
Unless we have forgiveness for each other?
Husband and wife are bound by a solemn contract
In the presence of witnesses to adhere to the book of
Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger.
They lower their wing with compassion to the believers
In general and to their mates in particular,
With the hope of helping each other get into Paradise.
Allah has gifted us with mates from ourselves who like us are not perfect.
We must show our mates patience and likewise expect them to be patient with us.
We must excuse their shortcomings because they are quick to forgive ours
And may Allah (SWT) forgive us all!

Abu Lateef


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