He lives by there
I am depressed
Go to his site
A better poem
Or so I hope
As life has been a nope
To me
Want to be free
In the night
In loves perfect moment
In the new world of God.

What does it take to burn
The depression of your soul
Not happy
Everything takes effort
None of life inside
You ride the darkness
In God's arms
You are ready
Then killing yourself
Then is it sin
Then does God understand
Then is it peace or more of hell?

From here on Earth
The ghosts of a Saint Louis tomb site
Roam through the dead
It is scary
It is bad
It is a lost soul
It is the end of time
It is depression
It is going to Saint Louis
It is here in wondrous words
It is music more pleasant
It is the pain
It will be over come.

Go on old women
Keep each moment coming
Type away this life
You are angry
Breathe deep
Leap into the night
It is your right to keep on going
It is your right to learn quiet
It is your right to pray
It is your right to believe
It is your right to leave
Or to stay.

You have been through worse to walk away
So keep on going
Go as far as Saint Louis
Or all over the Earth
If you have to
To find hope
Poets are a lonely breed
It is in our loneliness the need
For escape from rape of the world comes
For a heartunes poet whom strums
A sad song on a guitar
Gotta sing the blues to get this far
Further you will go
To someone wiser
Who does know
There is no way
Unless you pray
In your art
So start now
Get through this
Bad time somehow.

8/31/2009 2055PDT cj

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