ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet  
  Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

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Didn't the Arabs like the Christians invade Africa and force their man made religion on Black people. Didn't true belief in god start with the ancient Egyptian? And shouldn't black people worship as the ancient Egyptian did?


No, because the Egyptians were polytheist and the Pharaohs saw themselves as gods.

Adam (AS) the first human being was a Muslim as were many of his offspring. Islam existed before the Arabs became Muslim. The word "Islam" means Peace. So you see, Islam is a condition, a state, a realm of Peace that one enters into through submission to Allah. Only through complete compliance with the Laws of Allah as codified in the Qur'an can an individual become a balanced human being. Islam gives an adherent clarity of mind, certainty of thought and a mind free of confusion. The Muslim knows "the meaning of life" and purpose of why he or she was created. Noah, Abraham and Moses were Muslim. The name Muslim is derived from the same root as the word Islam, "seen, lam, meem" and means submission, surrender/peace. The word 'ilah' ... means god in the Arabic language. The name "Allah" specifically means The One God. Muslims are true monotheist not polytheist. Muslims do not worship ancestors, stones, idols, flags, crosses, money, race, nationality or ghosts.

The pre-Islamic Arabs were polytheist. Like many Asians, Africans and others ... the Arabs worshiped many gods but also believed in a Great God or Great Spirit. They worshiped whatever they felt comfortable worshipping. Before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Arabs were pure pagans, wine drinking, fornicating, robbing, thieving, gambling foul mouth fools. They were polytheist who worshiped and practiced everything except belief in Tawheed. They worshiped money, women, men, the sun, the moon, idols and their race. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never believed as his people believed ... he fought against their unbelief and smashed the idols that they had been worshiping.

Even before he was blessed with, being a Prophet his character was impeccable. He was honest and trustworthy. He never drank alcohol, never fornicated, never stole, and never injured anyone with his hand or tongue. Nor, was he a "Fahish", one who uses profanity and foul language. He never sought riches nor desired to live like a king. The messenger of Allah never mixed his words with the words of Allah. Muhammad (SAWS) didn't write the Qur'an nor make up a religion. Muhammad (SAWS) practiced the same way of life as did the Prophets before him ... obedience to the will of The One and Only Creator and Sustainer of the heavens and the earth.

I believe our ancient African ancestor Amen-Hotep IV may be the reason why some folks are falsely under the assumption that monotheism started in Egypt. Amen-Hotep who was the younger brother of Thut-mose (Prince Tut) whom white folks call King Tut is remembered for being a "Religious Revolutionary." Some say that he attempted to revert his people from polytheism to monotheism. Actually, he attempted to establish a pseudo-monotheism that is best described as "Henotheism." Amen-Hotep IV changed his name to Akhen-Aten (servant of Aten). He elevated the god Aten to the status of The Supreme god (deity). Aten was at that time considered to be a composite god consisting of the gods Ra, Amun and Horus. Could this perhaps be the origin of the polytheistic concept of the trinity? One thing for sure, it is by no means the Islamic concept of monotheism. They were previously three separate gods. Aten was the name for the Sun disk or Sun god. Does any of this sound familiar ... Sun god, Son of god (Astagh fir-Allah)? So you see ... Amen-Hotep IV (Akhen-Aten) never practiced true monotheism. He really practiced "henotheism" which is devotion to one particular god out of many. Monotheism didn't start in Egypt. It started with Adam (AS) the first human being.

The prophet Idris (Enoch) followed the teachings and religion of Prophet Adam (AS) and his son Seth (AS). Idris was the 5th generation of the Prophet Adam. He called the people back to his forefathers religion but only a few listened to him, while the majority turned away. The Prophet Idris predates the prophet Noah and he was a monotheist not a worshipper of many gods. He carried on his mission, calling people to establish the good and forbid the evil, taught them certain prayers and instructed them to fast on certain days and to give a portion of their wealth to the poor. He was the first of the Children of Adam to be given prophet-hood after Adam and Seth (peace upon them). It is reported that he was the first to invent a basic form of writing … among other things. The prophet Noah (AS) predates the Egyptians and he was a monotheist and a descendent of the Prophet Idris (Enoch). All the Prophets were Muslim. Muslims don't worship the prophet Jesus (AS) nor do they worship Muhammad (PBUH). Adam, Noah, Idris (Enoch), Hud, Salih, Ibraheem, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, , David, Solomon, Samuel, Jonah, Jonas, Job, Jesus, and Muhammad just to mention a few were all Muslim because they submitted to the commandments of Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) traces his ancestral lineage to Ismail (AS) the first born son of the prophet Abraham (AS) through his Ethiopian/Abyssinian wife Hagar. Abraham (AS) was a descendent of Shem (son of Noah) therefore he is considered a Semite. His wife Hajjar (Hagar) was a descendent of Kush who was a son of Ham who was a son of the prophet Noah (AS). The prophet Abraham is the father of the Arabs and the father to the children Israel (Jacob/Yaqub). Africans (Hametic people) Arabs and Jews (Semitic people) have been marrying and intermingling socially and sexually for thousands of years. Have you ever wondered why Arabs resemble light and medium complexioned folks in our families and neighborhoods? I actually thought I saw Osama bin Laden last week at 10th and Mount Vernon Street right here in Philly. If an African from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba or Brazil speaks, the Spanish language ... we refer to that African as Hispanic, Latino or Spanish ... does that mean they are no longer African? Likewise, when a person speaks Arabic,he is considered an Arab. Arabic is a language which is derived from the Afrasiatic (Afro-Asiatic) language group, and people who speak it fluently are referred to as Arab but that may actually have nothing to do with their ethnicity.

The prophet Muhammad (SAWS) did indeed trace his lineage to Hagar the Ethiopian wife of Ibraheem. So, did that make him an Ethiopian (African) because one of his foremothers was a descendent of Prophet Noah's son Kush or was he Arab? Abraham was the father of the Arabs and Jews but he (Ibraheem) was neither Arab or Jew. He was a descendant of Heber (Eber), therefore, he was considered a Hebrew. Africans (Hametic people) Arabs, Hebrews, Jews (Semitic people) have been marrying and intermingling socially and sexually for thousands of years. We need to stop being so hung up on skin color because skin color doesn't translate into "good character." Egyptians and Ethiopians both had kingdoms and ruled territory in Arabia, both north and south Arabia. Does that make those Arabs, Egyptians or Ethiopians? How does the subject of belief in "The One True God" turn into a conversation on the issue of color? The fact of the matter is , all of them were colored folks, they ran the gambit from high yellow, red bone, brown to black.

Some of the first followers of the prophet Muhammad (SAWS) were Ethiopians. When the unbelieving Arabs were intent upon killing and wiping out Islam in Arabia, the prophet Muhammad (SAWS) sent the Muslims to Ethiopia for asylum. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) was never a bigot and by no means a racist. People as close to the Arabia peninsular as the Africans or as far away as China accepted Islam because they recognized the justice and truth of Islam. Becoming Muslim has nothing to do ethnicity. Becoming Muslim has only to do with belief in The One God and a desire to change one's life for the betterment through submission to the Laws of Allah.

As I already stated, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) traces his ancestral lineage to Ismail (AS) the first born son of the prophet Abraham (AS) through his Abyssinian wife Hagar who was from the lineage of Kush who was the son of Ham who was the son of the prophet Noah (AS).
Ham had four sons; they were Kush, Egypt, Put and Canaan. The lands and Kingdoms of Egypt (son of Ham) and Kush (son of Ham) (Ethiopia/Abyssinia) extended into parts of ancient Arabia. Semitic and Hametic people have mixed and co-mingled for thousands of years. The Ethiopian (Africa) Queen of Sheba ruled southern Arabia (the Yemen) and the Egyptian Empire extended into northern Arabia. The people of Yemen and Palestine are descendents of Noah's son Ham. The four sons of Ham are relatively easy to trace in history: Kush is associated with the peoples of Southern Arabia and Ethiopia. Ethiopians still trace their ancestry back to Kush. Egypt is self explanatory. Egypt became the father of the Egyptian Empire, settling in the Nile Valley. Put is associated with Lydia (modern day Libya, Algeria etc.) to the west of Egypt, in North Africa. Canaan centered largely in and around Palestine or what is presently known as Israel or more accurately "occupied Palestine." When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, their destination was to the land of Canaan. They moved from the Black Egyptian part of town to the Black Canaanite area of town.

The One and only God ... the Great ... created all beings. Skin color and race has its place ... but as far as worshiping the One God ... they carry no weight. Race or color is no big deal ... honesty, being fair and just are the best qualities a human can possess. And the only thing that distinguishes one human from another is their conduct ... their conscious behavior, their actions and deeds. People are allowed to believe anything that they CHOOSE to believe ... even if it is not true! But, there will be a judgment day when all will have to account for their actions while alive. What prompted us to believe as we did when alive? What did we believe and why did we believe it? Did we believe it to be true or did it just fit our fancy? Are you sure, you believe in the ancient Henotheistic practices of our Egyptian ancestors??? Do you believe the "Husia" to be divinely inspired or just something some one made up. Who was it revealed to? Do you consider its' author a prophet with impeccable moral conduct worthy of immolation?

Anytime you read something, it is good to know where the author is coming from. Is he being truthful or does he or she have a hidden agenda? I have no hidden agenda. I am a Muslim and I am duty bound to invite you to Islam. Remember, only through complete compliance with the Laws of Allah as codified in the Qur'an can an individual become a balanced human being. Islam gives an adherent clarity of mind, certainty of thought and a mind free of confusion. The Muslim knows "the meaning of life" and purpose of why he or she was created. The only thing constant in the life of this world is Allah. Everything else is in a state flux … changing from young to old, hot to cold, fresh to rotten, slim to fat, good to bad and on and on and on. So if you have tried everything else and still haven't come to peace within yourself … why not try something else? If the life system that you choose seems to still keep you confused … this should not come to you as news … TRY SOMETHING ELSE. It is insane to expect a different result when you use the same old approach. Allah will not change the condition of a people until they make a change within themselves. A new hairstyle will not change your mental, emotional or internal condition. Make-up will not change who you are inside but Islam will change you from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom, from front to back and all around. It's time to accept Islam as your way of life. IT IS TIME TO GET DOWN! It's time for a change, don't you think?

May Peace be upon those who follow the guidance,

Abu Lateef


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