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Are you sure you want to really discuss Islam and THE RELIGIONS? Islam cannot really be put in the category of Religion as understood by the Euro-ameriKKKan mind set. There is no word in the Arabic language for religion. The word that is translated in books on Islam for religion is Deen which means a Way of Life. If one lives a life of mindless materialism, then mindless materialism would be his Deen (religion).

You told me that you were once a Muslim (NOI). Once a Muslim, you are always a Muslim unless you become an apostate. So, what are you now, a Muslim or an apostate? The origin of the 5% ters came from a class taught in the Nation of Islam. Clarence 13X broke away from the Nation and started his own thing but it had little to do with Islam. The Nation had little to do with Islam. The Nation is basically a Black Consciousness/Nationalist movement that vocalizes the economic and political plight of our people. It has some trappings of Islam but it cannot be viewed as an authentic representation of Islam. If so, Moorish Americans, 5%ters and people from the Nation would not eventually decide to become Real Muslim. Don't even let me get started on the topic of those on the down low pork chop eatn baptist ministers. The Jews say Moses (AS) was their Prophet and they rejected Jesus (AS). The Xristians claim three to be the same as one. Muslims know that three is not one and accept both Moses (AS) and Jesus (AS) to be Prophets of Islam. So, for me to explain to the people at RPS the difference between the Islamic Way of Life verses THE RELIGIONS I may actually have to write a book. Are you sure you really want to discuss Islam and THE RELIGIONS or just leave things as they are on the RPS? Or, are you intent upon making me RPS's most hated Muslim poet?

Enslaved Africans were first exposed to so-call Xristianity in the ameriKKKas. That is, unless they hailed from East Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia etc.) where there had been a long history of Xristianity.The majority of Africans who came to ameriKKKa before the civil war practiced traditional African animistic traditions or Islam. The non Muslims from among my people, the Yoruba, could keep their idols concealed under the cloak provided by Catholicism. When the Africans were shipped to the ameriKKKas (Caribbean and South America) they was forcibly converted to Catholicism. But in Catholicism with all it's idols of Mary (AS) and the so-call saints and the trinity, Africans were able to conceal their Traditional Gods and many of their traditional beliefs under the guise of having fully converted. Santeria and Voodun are what was really practiced by most Africans who were soon to become known and grouped with Latino people. That is why Jamaicans, Brazilian, Cubans etc. seem to have maintained more of their Africaness, more of their identity than did those who made it to the mainland of the US. The polytheism of so-called Xristianity provided them with the ways and means to conceal their animism.

There are 4 different levels of being Muslim:
2.Mu' min

The words Islam, Muslim and Salaam are all derived from the same Arabic root ... 'slm'. The root 'slm' means' surrender or submission. The prefix 'mu' means one who is or one who does etc. So, the word Muslim means one who has submitted or surrendered him or her self to adhere to and live by the commandments of Allah as is codified in the Qur'an and further elucidated in Hadieth. Hadieth is a body of works that are a record of things the Prophet said, did, approved of or disapproved of. This is what the Sunnah (example or way of the Prophet) is derived from. The Islamic Way of life is not named after a person. Islam (peace) is a condition or state of being. It is a realm of existence bestowed upon human beings who have surrendered their limited powers of free will so they can be in compliance with the will of their Creator. That is why it is said that Islam is the religion of peace. Islam (the condition) is not a punkly or cowardly type of peace where in one turns his cheek to be slapped by an oppressor. Islam is a condition that permeates a being to his core allowing him to go forth in battle against the unjust who would oppress the weak and poor. A state or condition that allows him to gallantly go forth to victory or to calmly accept death.

A Muslim is one who has made a verbal testimony to the fact that there is No deity worthy of obedience except Allah.
A Mu'min is one that has committed himself to enjoining the good and forbidding evil. Firstly, with in himself and his family then to society and the world at large, if he commits an act that would not be pleasing to Allah ... he feels shame then repents never intentionally repeating such conduct again. A Mu'min is one who believes and acts upon his belief by establishing the salaat (5 daily prayers), paying the zakaat (knowing that the poor have a right to charity), Saum (fasting the 9th month of the Islamic calender), and making the Hajj (pilgrimage to makkah.

A Muhsin is a degree above a Mu'min. His consciousness of Allah is so great that he is not even tempted to commit any act that he knows will be displeasing to His Allah.

A Munafiq is a hypocrite. He knows about the truths of Islam but chooses of his own volition to conduct himself contrary to it.

Abu Lateef

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