Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Swimming in the ocean

I can still feel the waves
Dance around me, as though
I were still in the water
And it's yesterday again.

But it's today instead.
A canvas of grey and white clouds
Engulf the sun I came
To photograph and instead,
I capture the drear.

The heat is no more.
I am one lost and lonely soul
Pilfering moments and
Wasting away,
Memories getting the best of me,
Whisking me back to
Where it all starts.
Some hell called Seattle.

I am in a million different places today,
In a million different pieces,
Tired and shading in the melancholy.

My body bristles at the wind.

Feeling let down and abandoned.
Tbe roads I have traversed,
The paths I couldn't find;
It all led back to
Being displaced.

Confused, befuddled
And ready to attack
Anyone with reason.
I wonder why I wasted my time
With menial attachments.
I wonder if I wasted my time...

Bound already.
I grab my sense and
Set out to journey in a
Life where the
Sun has gone home.

July 12, 2009

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Swimming in the ocean

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