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Step Gently Into the Future

He is my son, the little boy running in the backyard that made stories in the bushes with dinosaurs and twigs.
The boy I sent off to day care and then to school.  Worrying every day about how would he do and what would he become?
The son that sat upon my lap and listened to story upon story about a duck called Henry and a moose that liked to eat cookies in the kitchen.
The little boy we nicknamed pop tart.  His bed at night would magically transform into a trampoline from where he would suddenly reappear, laughing and wanting just to be put back to bed for one more hug and kiss good night.
That blonde headed little boy who wanted to rule the world, the very one did not want to play by the rules.  It was not that he did not like rules but that he just thought that his were better and easier to live by.
Passion so great that it would bubble out and make a mess that took more than a village to clean up.  Talent still pent up ready to be released.
A stubborn young man who many times was not afraid to choose to take the hard road instead of the easy one but all the less took the right one.
A man who has found his bride and will now make his home.  My son is getting married.
I send prayers to the universe for many blessings to fall upon their plains and roads ahead.  That as a couple they will always look to each other to get through those times that will face them ahead.  That they always are true and fair to one another no matter how hard it will hurt.  May the home be enlightened with the knowledge that no matter what happens if you pull together and not apart that you can see each other through the darkest of days.  For your hearts are now to be as one and only the two of you can pull them apart.  I pray for you to have the true love to hold together and never find fault in one another and to always forgive each other when one is just being human.  
Bless your home with peace and quite take time each day to push away the world and just be the two.  For even though two may turn to three or more always make sure that for even if just a moment that many just be two each day.
To my son who is now a man and who will always stay a little boy in my memories I give you all my love and blessings that a mother can and know that even though your life will take many different turns and roads you will always be in my heart.

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Step Gently Into the Future