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Faeries – Ever More Near

Hanging between dimensions
Sliding surely into place
To take the next jump
Through folds of  hyperspace.

She started dreams of Faerie land
Sending images streaming out
Over bulkheads walls and ceilings
Like a huge visual shout;
Clothing all in Sovereign Forest
Imaged as far as any eye could see
Each imaged group being herded
By its own Master Tree.

And the dwellings in the branches
Clustered up there so high
As though making gesture
To reach the clear blue sky,
And the Folk on the walkways
Moving from place to place
A smile to an acquaintance
A hug for a friendly face.

And the visions turned nightmare
Showing iron wielder man
Invading and destroying
With his fast growing clan,
And the Folk for sake of peace
Gathered from near and far
Left Gaea to her fate
As they searched for a star.

Now the great ships are returning
In response to great Gaea's plea
As the planet over heats
And land falls to fast rising sea.
And the Folk are prepared now
By either peace or war
To restore the harmony
Of Faerie Land once more.

The War Dragons they are stirring;
Perhaps they too can hear
The long wails of grief and pain
As Gaea grows ever more near.

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