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When God Created Woman

When God Created Woman
by Vivian Ann Moore
Copyright 2004

When God created woman
He made a man complete
Life can be sometime bitter
but she can make it sweet

A man can build a house
a woman, a home she'll make
She'll bring life into walls
by the attention that she'll take

A man sees an unplowed field
Wildflowers is what she sees
A man sees just a front porch
She'll see roses in the breeze

A man looks at a picture window
and sees that it's only a window
But she looks right through it
to see a lovely view

When God created woman
He created one as lovely as spring
With both softness and beauty
to make a man's heart sing

When God created a woman
He created the best part of man
No one brightens up his world
Like a woman can

Inspired by Genesis 2:23 "This is now bone
of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman."

Vivian Ann Moore

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When God Created Woman

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