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Flashes of memories,
Flashes of life,
Flashes of pain, and suffering and strife.

Flashes of what people expect of me,
Flashes of sadness, flashes of glee.
Some flashes you win, some flashes you loose,
Popping pills, thoughts of suicide and knocking back booze.

A flash of my heart, a flash of my brain,
Sometimes the flashes send me insane.
Flashes of life which has gone past before,
Wanting no more flashes, wanting no more.

A flash of blackness, a flash of light,
Flashes of excitement, flashes of fright.
The mind is confusing, flashes that blur,
Flashes of life captured in a stare.

Flashes of pain, consuming my heart,
Sleeping and dreaming then a new day will start.

Flashing through life and then there is a flicker,
Flash... What do you see?
A flash is surely what you want it to be?

Social constructions, flash flicker, flash flicker,
The I, the me, the we..
What is it really that you truly do see?


Written by Wendy Roberts


© WendyRoberts - all rights reserved.

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