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The Illusion of a Rapist

He came like a thief in the night,
A devil in sheep's clothing, causing me misery and strife.
Power and control was the name of his game,
Robbing me of dignity and leaving me festering in shame.

I had no recollection of what had passed before,
Next morning feeling exposed and dirty like a cheap little whore,
Bragging of his conquest and leaving evidence of his quest,
Trying to obtain evidence I had test after test.

At first I felt guilt for accusing when not sure,
Then when he said I had consented there was no confusion anymore,
Slipped in my drink the invisible drug,
He sat back and waited feeling powerful and smug.

The drug left me unconscious and unable to fend him off,
Vulnerable and helpless while he pawed over his prey,
Licking, stroking, penetrating..

Taking full advantage of his victim which made him feel good,
Eyes wide open, muscles relaxed, an aphrodisiac feeling were the symptoms of this drug.
Yet no memory, and no consent, so how could this be,
Was the constant questioning of the confusion in me.

As time went on and the 'penny dropped' some more,
I began to blame myself for allowing him this whore.
Violated and numb is the only description,
Which cannot be taken away by a GP's prescription.

Justice is the only defence; I want him banged up,
The night time is the worst, questions of how I will wake up.

The conveyor belt attitude of the police and support,
They have no idea of how you feel when you report.
It all seems so clinical, no feelings allowed,
Your just another number in a faceless crowd.

I am now labelled a 'victim' which is his ultimate achievement,
Like a medal of honor, all the legal people he deceives them.

I am determined to uncover his premeditation and intent,
and have him thrown in prison where he deserves to be sent.
He has taken away my spirit and bent it, but not broke it,
Now it is my turn to get justice which I hope he will choke on.

You dirty disgusting pervert, who means absolutely nothing to me,
You might have taken, but you were not given the true essence of me!!

I shed a tear for how naive I was you see,
That I trusted you, my spirit pure and yet you took advantage of me!!

Written by Wendy Roberts

April 2009

© WendyRoberts - all rights reserved.

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The Illusion of a Rapist