Carol's Journey

Remembering 9/11


Taunting images of that horrid day
Changed Americans different ways
Children left without a dad or mom
All victims of deadly airplane bombs

Innocent people were doing daily tasks
Jolted by two separate airplane blasts
Panic and chaos filled Twin Towers
Many crying out to a Higher Power

Another plane crashed into the Pentagon
Casualties to employees was at minimum
Due to the area hit and rigid construction
Building did not sustain total destruction

In a final plane, passengers got involved
Bravely taking controls, target diverted
Crashing in a field, every life was gone
Still heroes in what they had jointly done

To all firefighters we owe deepest thanks
Risking their lives in rubble and planks
Clean up efforts extended for many days
Terrorists did not take our freedom away
Many survived only by the grace of God
Testimonies of courage in life they trod
Examples to all of us to daily persevere
With hearts of gratitude to God we serve

No easy solution will end ongoing war
Border security higher than ever before
Only Jesus will bring final world peace
When He returns, all violence will cease

ę Carol Salter 9/10/09



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Remembering 9/11

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