Heart Of The Matter

A Nation Was Wounded ....

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Newsreels run,
And re-run,
Bringing horror to the screen,
A city in carnage,
A terrorist dream,
A film in the making,
This cannot be true,
The towers, they are burning,
The skies clear and blue,

People are jumping,
In sheer desperation,
And we watch on our screens,
The assault of a nation,  
Disbelief, shock and anger,
Insurmountable grief,
The towers, they are crumbling,
In mock disbelief,

Many heroes were born then,
Unsung, their sad song,
There are some, still believing,
They did nothing wrong,
Year on year; we remember,
How can we forget?
A nation was wounded,
Though not beaten yet.

Linda Harnett, 2007

Special thoughts and prayers on this day
 to our friends across the water.
I wrote the original poem in 2007,
and to this day, I can't say it any differently.
~~~  May God Bless All Who Still Grieve ~~~

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A Nation Was Wounded ....

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