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 The Aftermath (Part 1) of Drug Rape
Trying to uncover the why's,
Tormented by what if's.
Memories lost in time and space,
A virtual tour of a forgotten place.

Tortured by trapped memories,
Trying to uncover the truth,
Trying to trick the mind,
The truth is all im obsessed to find.

A slave to the mind,
Unconscious cognitions,
Trying to achieve,
Conscious ommissions.

Chains that bind this empty place,
A dessert between the ears.
The mind turned on to auto-pilot,
In a bid to bury its fears.

I need to know what happened to me,
I torment my mind each day,
In the hope to uncover the memories,
That were buried on that day.

Not knowing... The mind is in trauma,
Like a tape it tries to rewind,
Repetitively playing the scenes again,
the glitch is here to stay.

Rewind, play, rewind, play,
Frustrated I can't see more,
I try to look inside my head,
To open up the door.

Exhausted I give up thinking,
Then I hear the time tick by,
The obsession begins as the tape rewinds,
In a bid to uncover the why's.

Tick, tock, rewind, play,
Concentrate some more,
The belief that if I think hard enough,
I will open up the door.

Locked memories are a constant glitch
of Torture like an unbearable itch.
From am to pm, tick, tock, rewind, play,
The same exhaustion but another day.

Written by Wendy Roberts


© WendyRoberts - all rights reserved.

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