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True Friends


True Friends

I had a lot of friends, but who is my true friend
This was the question in my mind all the time
When I really need help who is going to help
From all my friends one of them came to help

And I thought this may be due to self motive
But she proved to me I was wrong in my thought
When I was alone & lonely and need help
There was someone to say do not worry

I felt I needed some one around to hold my hand
To understand me, to comfort me, being side of me
To tell me I will be right there for you
This was my friend, my true friend
Helped me and stayed with me
Held my hand and consoled me
A friend in need is a friend indeed

At last one day she fell ill
And she was in the same situation as I was
I went to help her & I stayed with her
Consoled her, helped her, by holding her hands
Till she recovered fully from her illness

She thanked me and told you are my true friend
We looked at each other and laughed
By then we knew we are true friends
A friend in need is a friend Indeed
We become best friends forever

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