Creations from my Heart, Mind and Soul 
  Kathy Wilcox

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 To Keep

Love and Friendship
To cherish To Keep
To lose To Weep

A friendships too fragile
And life is too short
Hold on to the moments
Many choose to ignore

A friendship takes work
To keep it strong
Reading each other
As a sweet, sweet song

Thoughts and feelings only few share
An experience of innocence
Pure heart so dear

To bring a smile or lean on a shoulder
Share a laugh or a tear
To understand is to care

A friends always there to be
Your ears and open his heart
With a turn of a key
Emotionally beared

A key more valuable
Than all the gold
A key unlocking a
Great and mighty birth

A birth of two people always
There for one another
Sharing each others heart, mind
And soul only known through love

A friendship like this doesn't
Always come along
Never throw away the key
Or that sweet, sweet song

A friendship like this when it
Enters ones life is one
To keep through love,
Tears and strife

So, don't be a weeper
Be one that keeps
And keep the friendship of
Each others love so deep

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