Leaking away
Down the sewers of life
Manhole taken away
My work
And work is what I knew
Until the State blew
It's money on waste
Now in poor taste
It's excrement in my soul
That has a glow
Of electrified slim
In my sublime
I am weary
No longer in a hurry
Sleep all the time

Down I am going
Soon Fall over
Then the snowing of Winter will come
How much longer
Until totally numb
No feeling
Is what is being dealt
It the best and worst I've felt
So be going on
Poet girl to mom
Grandma too sick to cry
You lose the blessing of the sky
Even the sun cannot warm the excrement
Cover me in cement
Burn my soul I am dying
Poetry is crying
Never been so down before
Government gives then lets go
Who am I to know
The sound of a baby cooing
Booing is my forte

Running in the sewer of life today
Here I go down the drain
With the pain
I cannot comprehend
Even try to pretend
It's all okay
When it is not
You're old and gray
Even though hair dyed blond with brown
Maybe soon God will lay me down
For good
That would
Come to me
If God would set this poet free.

9/18/2009 1840 cj

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