Take me alone
Not two by two
My son
Where is your mother?

Does she have a husband or a lover
To discover
No she doesn't
And it is because
Who wants the sad of you
In the love
The glad of you is
So much better
For a love letter

Will you save me Noah
From the flood of emotion
A woman's devotion
To any man
Now you are my
Grand plan to survive
This thing call my life
Is distressing

I want to hitch-hike to North Carolina
Just to see your smile
And I am crying now
My baby son
A Army man
I am so weak

Don't let your momma leave this world
Take her to your ark
Let me aboard the ship
That will save me
As I enslave me
With tears and bitter thoughts
I need your stiff upper lip
I need your man of war

The old of life is upon me
Nurse to some now gone
Where do I go for a fantasy
Will you my son save me
From myself
It is all I ask a man to do
I cannot not expect that of you
You are my baby
The last one
And you need the fun
Of your young life
Your wife
Your kids
Take them on the boat

Take me too son
I need you
I cry that you may die
In a war far away
I know you are not stupid
I am the stupid one
The downs are so down
The love is so good

I wish you everything my dear
And you know it's clear
Your mother is a funny one
Who's life has just begun
At 25 or 53
But remember you are Noah
So please do save me

And you do today and tomorrow
Because you are my son
The world leaves some of it's sorrow
For another day
Because I will walk to your ark and sail away.

9/18/2009 2145 cj

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