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 Night Lover

  I remember the night wind blowing...

  in through my bedroom window

  so cold, so very cold...Yet

  very very exciting>>>

  Was this a dream or reality?

  standing there before me a figure

  dark as the night, black as Hell!

  oh those eyes deep and cold...Yet

  inviting from another world, another time and place!!!

  Mesmerizing me tantalizing my inner soul...

  he wanted it...all of it at any price

  suddenly he lay beside me

  whispering words I didn't understand!

  I was innocent to such secret things

  he told me I was his, I told him he was mine!!!

  I was bewildered, excited with this thing...

  or man -

  A sharp pain in my neck I suddenly felt

  my life blood was draining away...

  I fell into a nightmarish dream

  where reality leads into perplexity


  slowly he disappeared I was left alone

  I felt dispensed of...exhausted and drained!

  somehow my body yearned for more from this...?  

  But I waited for his return with relish!!!

Written By B. R. Walker
UK 2009  

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