The sky is cloudy here
Round up traffic is congested
At Hawthorne School many
Travel trailers parked
For the celebration of rodeo.

Keith Urban put out a free video
On Facebook and I am proud of him
He sings such positive songs
And his wife is loving to him
He should be a great man with loving

I took my antidepressant now
This second cup of coffee has to move me outside
I need the day to start to smile
Quit bawling like a baby
Tell the world
Of your demise

It's all you can do
Be practical and do housework
And yard work
Things you can see results from
It will build you up

Have two grand daughters here
Who need me to be fun
Not crying dumb old and afraid
Kyndra needs me and is so loving
Kynsley is a little baby dollie

I miss Ebany and Wyatt
Jay's kids came to see me a week ago
They love me too
Even though they do not know me well
They know I give them presents

Call them my grand kids too
Proud am I Jay and his Ashley
Are my kids too
God help me today
Take the tears away

Crying is okay
But the grit of life
Needs to flow more than the tears
Lose my fears and go on
As life is really one long sweet song

I will sing.

9/19/2009 1240 cj

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