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Time Passes

There is a smile on your lips
But a look of sadness in your eyes,
Knowing that all things fade away,
Knowing that dreams don't always last.
Not enough time to say everything,
Not enough space for love to grow.
All these hallowed paths we walk,
Will someday disappear into time,
And we will be forgotten at last.
Countless lives coming and going,
Lives filled with laughter and tears,
Holding hands and talking 'til sunrise,
Mothers looking lovingly at children,
Children watching parents grow old,
First love and sunny days by the sea,
Sitting alone with our gentle thoughts,
Endless faces, endless years of Being.

Why does this drama touch me so,
Am I too sensitive to live here,
Why can I not bear the parting,
Why can I never let you go?
Friends now and forever more,
I vow to search the heavens for your face,
Though a million years pass me by,
I will not lose your precious love.

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Time Passes