The positive effects

It took awhile to see your smile,
floating like flowers,breath-in
with the wind
,and in a nother sort of tunnel,
I'll be staring wondering
All that time that's gone away
washed with blades, the rain took
And I just sat, opened up, catching all
that was dropped,like your have filled shoes
Ya put your socks on inside out
and for a day, I looked real hard,
scribbling thoughts on the wheel,
while The Sunman rose, as a prophetic ghost
who sold me hope, I sat down hard on all my thoughts
till she hit me head on,
my nose ran broke, like a maple oak bat
bein busted by that toss
And I'll look down, till ya pull me up,
fillin my lines with your love
I'll try real hard to give it up, talked enough bout that

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