Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


Doubled over, gasping for air,
I see the moon wink and
Turn its back on me as I
Wail into the cooling night.

Rocks I climb over;
Edges I catch myself on;
Cliffs I fall to my doom from;

To fall into the mirrored water
And shatter the wetness
With such a fear,
Such a force that it shall never
Be as water should.

My hands hold exits, so
Potent and black red like
Drying blood.
It's no wonder I fall, to feel,
To know pain as
A personal friend and not
A casual aquaintance.

In the brackish night,
I lurk, in pain, this pain,
A humpty dumpty missing
Too many pieces and
I catch myself looking up,
Dining in the blue goldstone night,
The daughter of the lunar sky,
Ready to go home.

Stars I have held without knowledge.
Knowledge I have gained without reason.

September 1, 2009

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