Beautiful Disaster

What happens to a dream deferred?

(A response to Langston Hughes “Dream Deferred”)

What happens to a dream deferred?

Is it a flower
Wilting in the sun
Just needing some water
Ignored by everyone  

Is it wiped away
Like a trickling tear
Like your worst fear

Does it get lost
In a perpetual sea
Of deferred dreams
Longing to be free

Does it twinkle
Like a star in the sky
With an enticing twinkle
That is obviously too high

Does it blend
Into the drone around
Losing its own
Unique sound

Is it tossed out
With the weekly trash

Is it set on the curb
With the recycling bin
Locked out
Forbidden to come in

Is it like a pen
Without ink
Unable to express
What it thinks

Is it like a candle
In a dark night
Until given light

Is it like thoughts
Never spoken
And ideas
Never written

Is it an old picture
Faded and torn
Like a favorite dress
Tattered and worn

Does it roam aimlessly
Like a stranger to your mind
Or a lost child
Left behind
Does it sink to the bottom of your heart
There to remain
Left there to
Subconsciously reign

Is it like an abandoned road
Within a ghost town
But never traveled down

Is it like nature's beauty
Glistening in its prime
Only appreciated
By those that take the  time.

Is it like the scenic route
Always available, but rarely taken
Bypassed to
Save time, beauty forsaken

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