Beautiful Disaster

The Loneliness

Leads to
And desperation
Leads to
How do I
Fight  off these desires
That  strike so hard
Against the walls of my heart?
Can I dilute their strength?
Is there any way
To break free
From these chains
That bind me?
I fear that I may
Begin to understand
After I've acted
I have only had a taste
And I am already
Even with their
I hopelessly cling
To their every word
Afraid that if I let go
I'll never get it again.  
My choices seem so limited
I know there must be something
More out there
But I don't know
Where to look
The loneliness
Clouds my vision
So it seems
There is no other way
What can I do
To convince myself
That I am worth more
Much more
Than they are offering me?
I hope realization hits
Before it's too late
Time is running out
And with each minute
My confidence is weakened
And I just don't know
How much longer
I can fight off
The Loneliness

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