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  `Princess Of Aloha`

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 ~*~` EMPTY NOTES `~*~

~*~`EMPTY NOTES`~*~ ~*~ ♥~*~ EMPTY NOTES ECHO IN MY SAD HEART FOR MY WINGS HAVE FALLEN APART JOY IN MY HEART NO LONGER SINGS FOR UPON ME ARE BROKEN WINGS.. ~*~ ♥~*~ MY DREAMS HAVE LOST THEIR LIGHT FOR MY WINGS ARE NO LONGER IN FLIGHT NO STARS TO GUIDE THEM FROM ABOVE DWELLING IN DARKNESS WITHOUT LOVE.. ~*~ ♥~*~ SILENCE HAS FALLEN UPON MY WINGS WITH HEARTACHES THAT SILENTLY RINGS HOPING FOR MENDED WINGS IN FLIGHT TO YOU MY LOVE I WILL SET MY SIGHT.. ~*~ ♥~*~ *************************** Oh how I wish I had eagle's wings I'd fly to where the angels sing Leaving back all miseries of earth My soul purified into eternal birth You'd be the wind beneath my wings Pushing onwards as my heart sings Together we'd be able to circle high So high it would make angels cry Soaring upwards to heaven above Where there is nothing but pure love Never before had angels ever known The ecstasies eagles wings have shown `Audio` Let me be your wings - Serenity & Endymion `Broken Wings` `Video added:9/25/09 ©*2009* ~'MJB'~ ~*~~*~ ♥~*~~*~ `History seems to have a way in `repeating it`! COPYRIGHT©*2007* ~*~ ♥~*~ ~`MARYJANE BALTHAZAR`~

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