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 Step by Step

How does one return from the hellish pain of the loss of a child?
Is it even possible? Does a bridge exist to the remainder of your life?
You reach into your soul to seek the answers, asking in a voice so mild;
Can you ever return to living successfully as a mother and a wife?

My soul caresses your broken heart, it whispers it's wisdom into your ear.
Don't look too far into the future, don't dwell in the glory of the past.
Take one simple step by faith into the new day without too much fear;
Follow this step with another single step, just the same as the last.

Step by step, walking cautiously out of the darkness into the light,
With the strength of prayer and the helping hands of your friends.
Around you are loving souls; protecting, we stand with you and fight;
Take that next step into the sun, seeing a rainbow; love transcends.

Look up into the lavender sky, see the billowy clouds that pass by;
Reach out and embrace the moment, God's gift for your healing.
Lean on us, your guides, your stable rock; on us you can always rely;
Whenever you feel yourself reeling, we will all drop to pray, kneeling.

Step by step, inch by inch, moment to moment; living as best you can;
You are never alone, my friend, as we walk hand in hand into tomorrow.
God's strength and power will complete the work in you He began;
As we walk together, remembering Bradley, helping you bare the sorrow.


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