Poetry - Life has its storms I find God 2b my only way to cope!, Christina Mladucky

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1. Invitation to Heaven
2. Hope in Jesus
3. God's Lighthouse's
4. Tearfully Speechless
5. In Fellowship, Is The Place To Be!!!
6. For My Mom, Happy 78th Birthday! (And all those who are truly in my heart!)
7. Worth The Fight
8. Is Your Switch Turned On?
9. No More Joy Killers!
10. Like a Flower...
11. My Only Strength
12. With Him By My Side
13. Reflecting On Times Past
14. Now a Survivor!
15. Another's Fate
16. This is for you...
17. She Met HIM! (A Personal Testimony)
18. He is My All and All
19. Stronghold of tears
20. Thinking of Sharing Love...
21. The Believer's Burden and Prayer
22. A Different Kind of Christmas
23. Believers Last Instructions to You
24. Thanksgiving 2010
25. This Prison That Consumes Me
26. Keep It Simple!
27. God knew so He sent you!
28. Let me tell you how I am free!
29. URG!
30. Waiting on God is waiting on you
31. Hoping for the day, I can tell you, “I love you!”
32. Heads up, eyes open, ears heed! Universal message indeed!
33. Does forgiveness mean to…
34. She cried
35. Indescribable
36. Never forget the offer, my friend!
37. The over all inner cry of a lady’s heart is saying…
38. Where art thou my Fellow Rose?
39. Hmmm Sure Am Thinking of You!
40. The Bride of Christ
41. I prayed for everything that you are!
42. While you work
43. Contemplating (Between Jesus & me)
44. Dear Child of Mine,
45. Father, let's talk about that special one
46. Hello Best Friend Forever!
47. The Hope of Deliverance
48. I'm happy for you being home, but miss you!
49. Grand Child in the Father’s Hands
50. The Prayers and Love of My 1st Love
51. Will thou be my sweet?
52. I Did Not Miss the Dance
53. As a Flower Blooms So Gently I think of The Tender Care I have For Thee
54. Father let’s talk about him again please
55. Can’t take my mind off of you!
56. Although I Face Much
57. Rarely Does One Find...
58. Waiting on GOD'S choice this time!
59. The Blessed Rain
60. "The Living Water"
61. Someone Special Made For Someone Special
62. His Stocking is Hanging Next to Mine
63. His Loyalty
64. If I were to write my heart on paper.
65. The Foggy Road
66. The Battle Belongs To the Lord
67. Expecting A New Victory
68. "Only So Many Chances"
69. Who said third time is a charm?
72. What part of easy did I miss?
73. The Distracter
74. Independence Day
75. The room they enter in
76. Are you real?
77. The towers of today
79. Do you ever really want to know?
81. Fleshy corruption’s taking place as evil doers boldly follow lust and know not “Grace”!
82. Being "REAL" is all about being real!
83. Much happens in a second of time!
84. "Hope is Just a Prayer Away!"
85. It would be nice to have a reality EJECT button!
87. Souls as fruits
88. A haunting accures
90. Talking about conforming
91. Have I talked to GOD? Alternately, Has God talked to me?
92. In Need of Repair!
93. Which Criminal Are You?
94. The struggle of the heart
96. Better is still not good
97. WAR
98. S M I L E !!!!!!!
99. One of a kind
100. He's Alive!
101. HE Carries Us Through!
102. Are you my “Once in a life time”?
104. Proven!
105. Do you ever think of these?
106. Yay it's working!
107. why is my site fried?
108. This world is forcibly unfair!
109. The Evidence
110. It's a Daily Resolution!
111. Do ya want to know how to ruin everything in your life?
112. Do you know what I want more then anything for Christmas?
113. Pause!
114. This is for Adam Vaught's B~Day!
115. Break a stone for Christmas :-)
117. Sensitive Subjects
118. BLOODY :-(
120. Least likely candidate
121. The Knight
122. Amazing Transition
123. To ALL my friends
124. The distortion
125. Too many times forgotten
126. Make a difference!
127. The Riddle of Where “IT” Is.
128. Should I let them fall?
129. The Concert ;-(
130. Label?
131. that peace. . .
132. Answer Honestly
133. Gosh, if you only knew
134. A Teenage Heart
135. choices run out, therefore. . .
136. It's Your Turn!
137. A poem about being unevenly yoked, a true past experience
138. I have many dreams for you
139. The Glimpse of endurance, faith, and the ending victory!
140. Up late again!
142. To Tiffany Angel (My Daughter)
143. The Place
144. Practice before you preach
145. Oh, daughter of mine
146. You title it!
147. Primary Reasons for making it through ‘hell on earth’
148. You weren’t supposed to be like this!
149. Back years ago
150. The Battle Within
151. Violated
152. Another Day
153. Depression
154. Do you just say it and not live it?
155. Fight for Control
157. USE IT!
158. The Answer
159. The Last Chance
160. Please! Take this pain from me!
161. Beyond the image, lye’s the truth.
162. People ask me.
163. God will direct my path amongst my enemies.
164. Misused gifts are such a shame.
165. Just as God said, it would be it is!
166. Blood stained umbrella
168. Remember the youth of today!
169. These roads
170. Twisted
171. Sisters
172. Just when you think you cannot cry anymore.
173. Your works are never UN done.
174. Sometimes it was just a simple handshake and a smile.
175. For my 2nd Maw and Paw
176. Clocks may rewind.
177. Here are some words I must say while I wander will you hear them from Heaven today?
178. Here is another year.
179. 100 lines for Christmas (Sequel to a reality, revised version of the original)
180. I didn't get to say goodbye.
181. Christmas Melodies
182. Let us sing and pray, "Happy Birthday to our King!"
183. Remember to look at the right blessings and you will have a better Christmas time!
184. Life's too short!
185. I peak ah boo, "ah, hey there . . . is that really you?"
186. My Heart Bleeds Tears
187. Words come out of my heart and through these lips!
188. I want you to haveThe Perfect Christmas Gift!
189. God can drive anything He wishes too.
190. Just . . . Who You Are
191. Silenced by death?
192. There is always something to be thankful for, not only on Thanksgiving Day!
193. TODAY!
194. From the start, we have it all wrong!
195. Who are your neighbors?
196. A loss for words
197. What a real friend is
198. Turn on the light; the dark will flee.
199. Who am I?
200. Before, During, After, and Now
201. How does one justifiably judge by never trusting enough to taste or feel?
202. Oh My, These Hearts Have to Ask!
204. Valuable
205. My God Speaks
206. Living on the edge (sequel to a true reality. . .
207. Dear Father,
208. Do not get trapped in a heartless place where there is no grace.
209. Get only what you are willing!
210. God Never Changes...
211. Come out; come out wherever you are!
212. I did not go to God
213. Take your own blame
214. The Fathers Love
215. Hold onto the promise (dedicated to susies family)
216. Ponder Love
217. Climb Up Onto the Bridge over the Waters.
218. Unwanted results
219. The Cry of the Mother
220. Sorrow lurks around
221. Forgotten Meaning
223. What Country does this?
224. Something to ponder
225. What is the use?
226. In the mind of, A suicidal/severely depressed person who knows Jesus
227. Resurrection Day
228. Too Beautiful
229. Let us not forget the crucifixion
230. I wonder do you?
231. There is always something there to remind me! (SONG)
232. Have you given thought of your last day?
233. To My Valentine
234. Here’s some time and thoughts to share with you as already shared with GOD
235. ONLY GODS WORD REMAINS, It is the only Hope that keeps me sane.
236. Here is a birthday prayer for you . . .
237. Will you accept this invitation?
239. Abandoned Love
240. A Time Ago
241. Our King, we honor your Birthday!
242. What do my eyes see?
243. We Must Remember
244. A desperate prayer for deliverance
245. You do not know
246. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
247. Through my availability
248. They lie on Jesus too
250. The Quiet Times
251. You put your Word above your name (Psalm 138:2)
252. I can’t get my mind off of you, Sweet Jesus!
253. The Best Love
254. Please Understand (My letter to everyone)
255. With love to the Islamic/Muslim
256. God's Truth Never Changes.
257. Truth or Sin?
258. My God leads me
259. You Live On
260. Soul sustaining peace comes through when needed the most!
261. Under our tears
262. Promises
263. The Dirty Blanket
264. Beyond the shadows
265. Master of fate
266. He truly does answer prayer !
267. I'm proud to be a Christian
268. Truth has victory over Deception
269. Trying times
270. There is something good about the bad times.
271. The beauty of prayer
272. The most important conversation that takes place
273. Talking
274. The ultimate privilege and gift
275. Happy Independence day
276. ??????? What would you do? What have you done?
277. LIFE or DEATH
278. All I can do!
279. Learn from the grapes!
280. All or nothing!
281. Our Caretaker
282. Come see for yourself!
283. Who and What Love Is and what Love's Not!
284. Submission :-0
285. Concerned and in need of an answer!
286. Look What Love's done to me!
287. We Thank You And We Salute To You! For Being a Soldier For Our Schools!
288. One Day, I'll Be Free!
289. Troubles make way!
290. Lesson or growth?
291. Happy Valentines to you !
292. Thank You Jesus!
293. More than a dream!
294. Done all I can do?
295. Great is thy reward, Child! (A letter to us from Our Father God)
296. Loyalty
297. I Trust GOD
298. God will work through us, but we must work together
299. Limitations on abundant lives
300. I’m looking forward to looking back
301. You &I (To My Randy)
302. In the Heart of a Man
303. I will see you again
304. Our love will never fade
305. My Friends and Family
306. All Because of You
307. Where are the words?
308. Influence
309. Stepping Forward
310. Why am I Told To Shush?
311. In the Silence
314. True Friends and Family Are There!
315. Words That Stain
316. The Wise Path
317. Persecution is getting on my nerve! (That's right! There's one left!)
318. He, He, He ... Hi! :-)
319. You've Been Faithful
320. Some things you may like to know
321. A Desperate Soul's Final Plea
322. Nature Call
323. How do I give thanks?
324. To My Daughter, Tiffany
325. To My Son, Anthony
326. I Must Hold on
327. Why do bad things happen?
328. Q's!
329. Boredom
330. Sleepy days and sleepless nights
331. sdrawkcaB (let's see ya read this!) LOL ;-)
332. Twisted thoughts
333. hint hint ;-)
334. You Never Know
335. ''Forgiveness''
336. How my love is taken
337. Scream!
338. Universal Diversity
339. It all started with . . .
340. What are you yearning for?
341. What my heart tells me to do
342. Awake
343. I write when . . .
344. Lord, what am I going to do?
345. Happy Father's Day
346. Life's Prescription
347. My heart aches for Thee, blind friends of mine.
348. The Wisdom of God
349. Thy Clay
350. Not Me!
351. Forget it
352. My Niece's
353. If You Only Knew
354. How Do I?
355. Turn Away
356. Thank God For Randy!
357. Rejecting God's Wisdom
358. When Tragedy Accrues
359. Yeah, It's Me Again, Lord
360. Living With Mr. Attitude
361. The Love I Have For You
362. Problems, problems!
363. Whatever It Takes, Lord!
364. No Sleep
365. Mistakes
366. Ivan And Friends
367. How Many?
368. Our WALK Affects Others!
369. To Whom, do we give the glory?
370. Got Guilt?
371. Peace?
372. Have You Heard?
373. My 2nd Love, My 2nd Best Friend, My 2nd Husband
374. Procrastination
375. Got Deliverance?
376. Feedback/get the hint? LOL!
377. Where are you?
378. The Departed
379. A Gift For You, My Love!
380. To Mandy's Friend
381. God's Bus and It's Purpose
382. God, I don't deserve it
384. The Feelings Remain
385. Don't Wait Till Your Death Bed
386. What?
387. There Is a Will and a Way!
388. Affects of sin and denying Truth:
389. The Prideful Man
390. Respect must be earned
391. ?
392. Put 'Em In God's Hands!
393. The Honor Roll & Thankful, He sent You my Way
394. The Change That Matters The Most!
395. The Window To Your Soul
396. Untitled
397. Winter Dream
398. So Many Thoughts
399. I Prayed, "God, Send Me Reassurance," ... He Did!
400. My First Love, Jesus
401. Eternal Treasures
402. Oh Lord, Keep Us Safe Always
403. Dear GOD!
404. A Focus 'd Mind
405. For All of You!
406. What Nature Reveals To The Eyes Of Us All!
408. The beauty of God's Love
409. There Is HOPE for My Sister!
410. Let It All Out
411. God helps me with this depression!
412. ''Life's Prescription''
413. ''Happy Father's Day''
414. Following My Father's Footsteps
415. Happy Birthday!
416. ''With Him''
417. ''Poet''
418. Denial
419. Katie's Eyes
420. ''Fruit Of The Doomed''
421. ''He and I''
422. GET WELL!
423. Chigger
424. Always Pray
425. The Open Door & The Closed Door
426. God's Blessings Appear!
427. "Then and Now"
428. ''ToThe Man I Love''
429. "The Hindering Spirit"
430. T~Storm Warning!
431. A Special Friend
432. He's UN~Comparable
433. To the one who abused me
434. More Than God To Me
435. Hum?
436. I'm Speechless Until That Day
437. ''My Dream''
438. ''My Prayer''
439. ''SIN''
440. The Leaders of Today
441. I just wonder why?
442. News and poem about True Haters
443. In HIS Service, I Faithfully Live
444. Thy Nourishment
445. Temptation
446. Our Walk Affects Others
447. The Angel In Disguise
448. The Shoes I've Had To Walk In
449. The Lie Of Being Too Late
450. SEEKING ...
451. My Closet
452. Am I Job's Sister?
453. Will someone please understand ME!
454. Think about it ...
455. "Thank You"
456. ''The Best Friend''
457. ''Wake Up!''
458. "Remember To Pray"
459. "Lord, I Thank Thee!"
461. "Only One Way To Go"
462. "What Will You Do?"
463. "A Living Reality"
464. "PIZZA"
465. ''I Cry''
466. "Rock A By Anthony"
467. "Why?"
468. A Plea For The Lost
469. LUST

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