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(A few words from Granny
He was blue that is true, but he smiles today because of you)
(A few words from Nate
A Lady far across the sea wrote a good poem about me.
I am a big boy of two, who wants to thank you.)
(A few words from Nate's Mom, and Dad
Elsie, it's true you're a lovely Lady, and we thank you, true.
Know where ever you go, and what ever you do, our prayers are with you.)😊😉🤗
A lovely Lady who lifted the blues, 😃😁😂
The blessings of Nate's smile, warms all our hearts for a long while.
Love, Nate and his FamilyXXXX OOOO 
Elsie, you're the best.

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The Blessing of His Smiles