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Ed Roberts is a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the proud father of 2 sons, Adam and Alexander,one granddaughter, Caina, and three grandsons,,Noah, Gideon, and Andrew;  and currently is enjoying his 40th year of marriage to his wife, Letha. Although he has been writing all of his life, he did not decide to publicly share his work until he encountered a life threatening illness in the year 2000. His writing is influenced both by his long Oklahoman and Native American heritage as well as by a wide band of close friends spanning from several different countries. His simple goal is To change the world through poetry, even if it is but a small piece at a time. To date, copies of his poems have appeared in 8-10 different countries. He considers his greatest achievement, however, to have been a request for a single copy from a man that decided to quit drinking alcohol after reading the poem " There Was a Man. " "The fact that this man could see himself in this poem and decided to change the viewpoint that he could relate to it from makes all of my efforts in writing worthwhile." Ed Roberts