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Name: Berine
Homepage: Poetry7864

Message: Thank you for reading my poem Prison. Unfortunately I think you did not understand my poem. In brief the poem was expressing how I feel because I am obese. At the same time I was condemning those who insult, condemn, humiliate, critize, dehumanize as well as make fun of. The sad thing most feel the obese ones are that way due to excessive eating which is not true. My obesity is due to health, medication, physical and diet. As a matter of fact I have been told I don't eat enough. Not because of trying to lose weight. I just don't have a big appetite. Though I don't have the best diet, how many people do no matter the size or weight of a person; the way I eat does not merit to have the weight issue that I have, but I do. As fast as I start to eat I become full immediately. Also my sleep apnea does not help at all. Which obesity is a side effect of that disorder. So you see, I have no reason to criticize you especially since I suffer with the same undesirable situation but only defend people like myself having the same issue because I feel I understand and society do not. That is why they categorize us as they do. So unfair, so unkind, so apathetic and cruel. Hopefully if you read the poem again you will now be able to understand my expression that maybe more acceptable to you. Nonetheless I still appreciate you reading and your feedback. Thank you

Date Received: 2021-06-12 04:53:06