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Name: Homeward Bound
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Message: Ever since I was a young boy, I have had many experiences with Spiritual Beings, hearing their voice on different occasions, and have seen different ones a few times over the years too. The Kingdom of God, which Jesus said that is within you, is very True, but so few ever comes to the vial within to experience it, because the senses of sight, sound etc. has so entrained the mind to the physical world that it takes much practice and dedication to clear the mind of mental distractions, for the spiritual world can be realized. Once the mind becomes focused to retain thought only upon the doorway within for a couple hours or so, it's then that the eyes and ears are opened and very real experiences happens with the spiritual beings. Never does one ever have to worry about the so called Devil, Jesus is the only Prince of this world. The only Evil within this world is the evil that lies within the hearts of men and women alike.... We are all created as bothers and sisters by the same Creator, and indeed it is true that we are All make in the spiritual likeness and image of God. This is our true inheritance, but we are rendered powerless by the illusions of our own creations. Once the Truth is known and adopted within our daily lives, then the chains that binds the mind in ignorance becomes broken and we find Spiritual Freedom. It is written: Be Still and Know that I am God. In this Stillness of Mind, you can be reunited with your loving husband, it does not require your own death of the body to talk with him again. Seek and you will find the path that you are to continue your journey upon.. Be open and receptive to the leadings of the guidances that only waits for your listening. God bless you, and I know that He is with you always.

Date Received: 2010-06-28 05:00:51

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