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You’re Gone

You're gone
It's over
It's done
You are no more

Never again to hear
You answer the phone "orista"
Or to know your laughter in my ear
Sharing your news with little ol' moi

Oh Aunt Pepe
My mamela, my heart
Let your soul away fly
To a new life, a new start

Gd, we will miss you
You leave us in grief and tears
What now will we do
For whom shall we care

No more being told off
For losing touch as one does
How I wish I had called more often
And kept you nearer and closer

Now it's too late
When I call the phone will only ring
There are no calls beyond heavens's gate
No rejoicing for the spring

So the angels they finally did come
And away with you they flew
To bring your spirit home
Free from pain, to start anew

I can't write this without crying
Anymore than I can believe you're gone
For you I pray and am truly trying
To rejoice at your reunion with Uncle John

I hope that you both are now dancing in heaven
After 60 years of life together
Now we must rejoice for your pain is done
And a new life together has now begun

I love you mamela.

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You`re Gone

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