My poetry will be in the future of inspiration .life and love and all I now know in life how I wish for all . My life took a turn for the better when I put my life in the very hands of fate and stopped thinking I could ever do it on my own . And might I say to learn more so to take some of my own advice , I'm a much wiser and better soul for having done so and I find that this life for all after said and done is a university for us to learn all of it that really matters and what our souls can only take with them when they leave . But to thine own self be true and being the captain of ones own soul is the best option to arrive at the end of a beautiful life with a smile on ones face .. All of the garbage I've had no option to walk through in life was well worth arriving where I am .. Blessings and love to all .. Who deserve it .. Be happy its your trip .. Make it a happy one .. I might say being born with the ability to read , Meaning all forms of body language and even to the point of knowing what one is thinking regardless of what they say .. Along with it a gift of what some call a photograohic memory which regardless of whom feels I am being honest here or not .. I am not a follower of any man made religion or whatever and being the open minded captain of my own soul allows myself to be whom and what I was born .. I know right from wrong and I retain all of my own fathers old school values .. What makes these gifts from birth so very as well easier to use is very few believe I an being totally honest and that alone is not my doing .. I read faces / hands / feet / eyes and as well expressions and whats so sad is when a soul lies they as well are telling the reader the real story .. As time goes on this race has without knowing de-educated it's real own selves and ability and that to myself is ever sad .. Much Love ..

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