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GREETINGS! Welcome to my planet!

My name is Janet I enjoy creative writing and creating poems.
I have a love for words. Words are music to me. Poetry to me is about feeling.
It's creating a painting with words. Poetry is playing with words.
Poetry is using the senses. Poetry is about life experiences, observations,
using the imagination-meditation. Poetry to me is freedom of expression.
Poetry is about following your dreams. Poetry is in sounds,
listen to the wind chimes, the waves splashing against the rocks, birds chirping,
rain pouring, countless sounds. Poetry is breathing. Poetry is in nature.
I hope that you will take time and read my poems. I would be happy
to get feedback from you.
I started writing in 2007 after the sudden passing of my brother in 2006,
I needed a way to express my loss. My poem in memory of my dear brother
is entitled, "Ode To A Dear Friend."
Thank you for reading my poems and please sign my guest book.

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