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Oh lovely weeping willow tree
Why do you tearfully weep
Your graceful arms hang down
On your brow you wear a frown

Beautiful head of hair swaying to the ground
Wind whispering through you no sound
Surely, you have awoken
Why have you not spoken

You simply stare as I pass by
I thought I heard you sigh
Perhaps today your spirits are low
But I will never know

I too like you
Feel sad, lonely, and blue
I feel just like you willow tree
I do silently weep

Words, words, words
Unpleasant, evil, horrible, words I heard
Hurt me deep down inside
They wounded my pride

My tears flowed into the deep dark sea
I am like the weeping willow tree
All hurt inside of me I chose to keep
Now like you weeping willow tree I weep

2007 Janet Irene Griffin

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