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This site is dedicated to the talented writers in my Writers' Workshop at the New Jersey Memorial Home for Disabled Veterans, and to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Special thanks to my beautiful grandaughter Margot Wexler who is a great photographer and to my wonderful grandson Jason Wexler. You can find Jason's site right here on poetrypoem. (Guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree). You might also like to check another writer on poetrypoem. The site title is: solidgold247.

Please consider purchasing mA Nice Jewish Girl From The Bronx & New Jersey by Annette Wexlery book NICE JEWISH GIRL FROM THE BRONX & NEW JERSEY available on amazon.  A percentage of the proceeds from the book will go to The American Cancer Society and The American Heart Association in memory of Steven Marc Wexler and Ronald Scott Wexler. 

You can order the book directly from me by sending a check for $27, shipping included, to: 

Annette Wexler
57 Judson Street, Apt. 2A
Edison, New Jersey 08837

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