A girl with many stories "i love you all."

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My name is hiqma

I started my writing when i was very young, maybe 5 or 6 with my daddy and my mom found an old poem i liked it, but it felt more serious at age 12 when i really took pride in what publishers and editers said about my work.
I was born here in England after my very hard working dad may he rest in peace was told to come and help Britain in the Steel industry he was a very hard worker and did great for Britain may he rest in peace hence making me british.

My parents were born in Aden, but my dad passed away when i was ten.
i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
I was bullied and it inspired me to write and so did my dad he wrote down my thoughts its how it began when i was so young. I wrote about people that didn't like me, general stuff, memories inspire me.
Funny things that happen and fun things I am a very lovely bubbly, I smile alot and I'm sensitive, quite (but can talk alot) funny person i can be quite shy, but hopefully that's fading away.
I am very proud to be me who everyone loves and i love to love them back. i am very downtoearth sweet, understanding nice, gererous, kind hearted, soft gentle, and i love to bring my thoughts out in the open when i am down or when i am happy i love being funny because i love to make people laugh and want to say thanks for reading about me sorry if i went on i do talk alot MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH AS MUCH MERCY AS HIS ANGELS WILL RAIN ON YOU, TAKE CARE I LOVE FANS WITH AS MUCH LOYALTY AS WORDS WILL EXPLAIN, BUT I MEAN IT MUCH DEEPER THAN THEY CAN SAY, SO THANKS. i think we should all have respect as we are all the same. have fun on my site if it bores you let me know and i'll liven it up for you.xxx best thanks HIQMAT HUMAIDAN. I LOVE MARMITE AND A GOOD CUDDLE.

Chocolate and if you like to know visit my myspace I'll send you the link I love children and people i love friends and everyone i see.

I am passionate about my writing in all aspects of my relgion and just normal writings i do and things and maybe a message i wanna tell somebody. Besides writing i love, babysitting, child minding, cooking,talking, singing, dancing, reading, studying, watching tv, going out with friends going on holiday, praying I love doing make-up, beauty and henna... I did a friend for a wedding once. I was married then separated, now unfortunetely i am divorced. i also love receiving feedback on my work, i love to see what people really think about me and negative aspects i love because it inspires me nice ones a lovely so thank you. I love honesty, and don't like things that can be said to be hid. 

I have Epilepsy and polycystic ovarian Syndrome and i am a proud woman to be supporting the cause because when a woman has these two illnesses combined they are very difficult to live with which is why i hope i can be published be a best selling author and not have to rely on people much longer.
Other conditions 
Include my Eyesight i got a rare eye disease called Keratoconus and its harder to do things, but i won't let that stop me <3