Poetry - Water For Two-Jesus and You, Linda Begley

It's free, and always will be.
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1. Birthday Blessings To My Sis Ethel
2. Praises Be To Jesus For Ultimate Freedom
3. Please...Don't Weep For Me
4. God's Given Dominion
5. I Fall To My Knees
6. The Spiritual Car Wreck < poem by Ethel
7. How To Measure Spiritual Growth
8. The Greater Your Destiny,,,Food for the soul
9. Why Protestants Protest
10. National Day Of Prayer and Anointed Message
11. Only One Way
12. Our Father's House , Many Mansions
13. Remembering The Holocaust and History
14. In Memory Of Virginia Tech
15. ~+~ The Resurrection Season ~+~
16. Why Speak In Tongues? 7 day lesson on 1 Page
17. God's Will Or Ours?
18. Obey Today ...food for the soul
19. God Bless The Columbine Students
20. Spiritual Gifts <5 day study On One page
21. The Cross Stays On My Mind
22. Activate the Power
23. Azusa Street Pentecostal Movement
24. Cast Out Fear ! ! ! Food for the soul
25. Storm Before The Calm
26. Are You Pleased With God's Will For You?
27. Daily Rules...Food for the soul
28. The Azusa Sisters Explain Our Aim
29. Dedicated To My Precious Friend, Bobbi
30. New Bible Story Daily
31. Becoming An Unashamed Workman
32. How Great Is Our GOD!!! food for the soul
33. Amazingly, Amazing Grace a Testimony and poem
34. Who's " Will " Is It?!
35. We'll Sadly Miss...Common Sense
36. ~^~ A Cracksman~^~ a Dad's Prayer
37. Walking After The Spirit or Flesh? food for the soul
38. The Gift of Innocence ; Food for thought
39. Bible Lesson by Evangelist Ethel Buchanan
40. My Attorney < Can also be yours
41. I Am A Kept Woman
42. Job Announcement Openings!! Food for the soul
44. When Christ Comes
45. Why You're In This World?
46. Are You A Caterpillar Or Butterfly? and POEM
47. Jesus' Obituary
48. Jesus' Resume
49. Creations Of The Universe
50. You Are The Healing One,song by Linda
51. God's Chosen< food for the soul and thought
52. From Ethel's Heart on her Birthday 2-14-07
53. Why Go To Church?
54. The Biggest Loser< Food for thought and soul
55. Saint Valentine
56. Love Is The Power Charge
57. God's Rainbow Of Children
58. I'm Healing Now ...Linda Shares
59. Seed And Sower
60. Hung By The Tongue
61. Healing...By WORDS!!!
62. The Flag Folded Spiritual Meaning
63. Truths To Remember
64. Result Of Rejecting God and more food for the soul
65. The Mirror truth < By a Prophet
66. Thinking Of You...Holy Spirit given
67. Words Of Encouragement
68. Peace Be Still < food for soul
69. My Mess With Age From The Heart
70. Jesus The Rock < food for the soul
71. Mary Had A Little Lamb
72. Sermon By Evangelist Ethel Buchanan
73. You Raise Me Up...I love You Jesus!!
74. God's Table Manners
75. Check Out Where Your Heart Is? Food for the soul
76. Live Like Jesus With Holy Spirit
77. Capture Heart Of God< food for the soul
78. Dying To Get To Heaven
79. Literallly Food for Thought :-) LOL!
80. My Lord and My King
81. God Can Use You
82. Bread And Water
83. ~+~ Give Me A High Five ~+~
84. Faith
85. Smiles From The Bible < humor
86. Jesus Can Set Them Free
88. Jesus Knows When
89. Hearken Unto Me < anointed given by Holy Spirit
90. Praying For You
91. My Jesus Apparition
92. No One Falls In Love By Chance
93. Praise Ye The Lord < food for the soul
94. The Lord Is Our Strong Tower
95. Bowing Down < anointed by the Holy Spirit given
96. Holy Communion...So Sacred
97. Death Of A Church < Food for thought
98. Repent and Be Baptized< food for the soul
99. Water For Two -Jesus and You

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