Star-crossed Lovers

Star crossed lovers, underneath the covers, of a cruel yet loving world.
Always kept apart, though the matters of their hearts, never stopped in their need to be unfurled.
Oh how bittersweet, these two never to meet, though the chance was given many times before.
You wonder who's to blame, in life's ironic game, And who exactly is it keeping score?

It's become a game of cat and mouse, taking place in a universal fun house, complete with trick mirrors and clowns.
Everything isn't as it seems, and the dreams that you once dared to dream, go crumbling quickly to the ground.
A vicious cycle, we've become stuck in, until such time as we're whole again? How unattainable and tragic is this tale?!
But you musn't miss the signs, of two hearts so intertwined, because the world itself is only just a veil.

Our daily lives are a facade, earning neither pride nor applaud, our talents wasted for a chance taken in greed.
It's the worst of all fates, filling up the golden plate, while the heart and soul remain in dire need.
If you separate body and mind, it is there that you will find, your soul in it's truest form.
It's remained intact, trying to keep you on track, since the moment you were born.

The world has challenges for you, Karmic debt and heartbreak too, look and listen closely and you'll find..
That though you may feel lost, it's your life that is the cost, unless you seek out what it is you've left behind.
What once was whole, now is not, the missing piece so should be sought, deep down inside you must delve.
To truely become whole again, isn't much a mystery my friend, for you'll find it in the confines of yourself.

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